The technical team of Projar initiated last June a study about the irrigation and fertigation management in a tomato production located in Murcia (Spain). The objective is to demonstrate that through a monitoring of parameters that affect the crop the plant’s root development can be potentiated when coir fiber slabs are incorporated into the soil. This technique is a newfangled production model known as Soil Improver System which combines both the benefits of soil growing and hydroponic production. Thanks to the data collected by a climate station and temperature and humidity probes installed into the soil and the coir substrate, we have messure the parameters that influence the crop to adjust the irrigation and fertigation dotations. The firsts results of our study confirm a production increasing up to 40% approximately in comparison with the previous harvest. Even though the initial investment in this technique is higher than a soil growing system, in the first year the productivity revenues are significant, even in the second year of production reaching a productivity increasing up to 30%.
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PROJAR0013Since 1983 as a supplier of solutions for fruit and vegetable growers. PROJAR is a growing technology company that offers a complete solution package for each type of crop. Currently, our know-how and expertise consolidates our position as a manufacturer and supplier of hydroponic growing solutions at an international level. With more than 35 years of experience, the company is dedicated to the manufacture of substrates and coir fiber, as well as the commercialization of agroinputs. Being manufacturers has allowed us to know very well the behavior of peat and coir fiber, the two most important raw materials for hydroponic cultivation, thanks to the close collaboration with our customers and the continuous feedback we receive. In addition, we control the quality of our products throughout the entire production chain. Our factory in Almería has a production capacity of 150,000 m3 / year and we are able to prepare more than 300 ready-to-use substrate recipes. In addition, we have an extensive international logistics network, with factories in India and Sri Lanka where we process coir fibre throughout the year, allowing us to maintain our product portfolio throughout all seasons. In addition, our clients have an agronomic advisory service to detect the needs of their production and design a personalized solution to increase their productive yields. We have a qualified technical-commercial team, a high manufacturing capacity and also logistics with international coverage. Are you ready for growing together?">Are you ready for growing together?  Desde 1983 como proveedor de soluciones para el sector hortofrutícola PROJAR es una empresa de tecnología hortofrutícola que ofrece un paquete de soluciones completo para cada tipo de cultivo. Actualmente, nuestro know-how y expertise consolida nuestro posicionamiento como fabricante y proveedor de soluciones de cultivo sin suelo a nivel internacional. Con más de 35 años de experiencia, la compañía se dedica a la fabricación de sustratos y fibra de coco, así como a la comercialización de agroinsumos. Ser fabricantes nos ha permitido conocer muy bien el comportamiento de la turba y la fibra de coco en el cultivo, las dos materias primas más importantes para el cultivo hidropónico, gracias a la estrecha colaboración con nuestros clientes y al continuo feedback que recibimos. Además, controlamos la calidad de nuestros productos a lo largo de toda la cadena de producción. Nuestra fábrica de Almería tiene una capacidad de producción de 150.000 m3/año y es capaz de elaborar más de 300 recetas de sustratos listos para usar. Además, contamos con una extensa red logística internacional, con fábricas en India y Sri Lanka donde cultivamos y procesamos coco durante todo el año, lo que nos permite mantener nuestra cartera de productos durante todas las estaciones. Además, nuestros clientes cuentan con un servicio de asesoramiento agronómico para detectar las necesidades de su producción y diseñar una solución personalizada para aumentar sus rendimientos productivos. Contamos con un equipo técnico-comercial preparado, alta capadicad de fabricación-distribución y una logística con cobertura internacional. ¿Crecemos juntos?