Vertical Farming Modules


Module structure The structure is designed and manufactured by Novagric with its own resources in white lacquered galvanized steel and combined with a sandwich panel enclosure. The disposition tries to take advantage of the maximum available space and to obtain an environment that allows the watertightness and the good air exchange in a controlled way. Air conditioning Indoor plants have very precise climatic requirements. The modules can be equipped with cooling and/or heating, relative humidity control, renewals and homogenization of the air relative to the environment to filter and maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for the crops. A system that can be configured in a manual, semi-automatic or automatic way to make a continuous monitoring of the culture variables and to program the answers. Solar panels The module has solar panels that serve as shading to protect the space from direct solar radiation, while reducing energy consumption. LED Lighting The LED lights used in our modules are fully configurable in spectrum and intensity to provide the ideal amount of light for plant growth, with reduced consumption compared to sodium. Watering We use irrigation without substrate in independent modules with different levels and NFT channels that take full advantage of the number of plants in each level and linear extension. The system (manual, semi or automatic) consists of a tank, pump, filter and recirculating network.
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NOVAGRIC0160NOVAGRIC Novagric (Novedades Agrícolas, S.A. ) es un grupo empresarial de la agroindustria líder en proyectos integrales de tecnología para la agricultura de alto rendimiento, con presencia en los 5 continentes. Fundada en 1978 en el sur de España, comenzó fabricando e instalando sistemas de riego por goteo en una de las zonas más áridas de Europa, impulsando el desarrollo de tecnologías altamente eficientes para la agricultura intensiva. AGRICULTURA INTELIGENTE El objetivo de Novagric es desarrollar tecnologías y compartir conocimientos para dar lugar a una nueva agricultura integradora, rentable y sostenible; una agricultura inteligente. Novagric cuenta con especialistas en todas las áreas de innovación agrícola, centros de fabricación, producción y formación para ofrecer soluciones pioneras que incrementen la competitividad del sector en el mercado y fomenten una nueva agricultura saludable y comprometida con el medio ambiente. RECONOCIMIENTO NACIONAL, PROYECCIÓN INTERNACIONAL NOVAGRIC es una empresa global con sede central en España. Cuenta con varias delegaciones en Almería y Murcia, y una delegación en Ciudad Real. También cuenta con una amplia red comercial de filiales y distribuidores repartidos por todo el mundo. CULTIVANDO LA INNOVACIÓN Desde 1980 invertimos en proyectos I+D+i para generar soluciones innovadoras y sostenibles que potencien la productividad, garanticen un uso racional del agua, el ahorro de energía, y la optimización de los recursos tanto en la producción de cultivos ecológicos, como en la lucha integrada de residuo cero. PROYECTOS LLAVE EN MANO Novagric se dedica a investigar, diseñar, fabricar e instalar proyectos tecnológicos integrales para la agricultura de alto rendimiento. Somos una de las pocas compañías que ofrece un servicio completo en instalaciones para la agricultura intensiva con una gran capacidad de respuesta al contar con medios propios en toda la cadena de valor, lo que agiliza y facilita el proceso a clientes. Diseñamos soluciones adaptadas a distintos tamaños de finca, cultivo, climas, así como a las necesidades de los productores para encontrar la mejor estrategia que optimice recursos y aumente los niveles de producción. PRODUCTOS Y SERVICIOS En el apartado de productos, podrá ampliar información sobre invernaderos y otros productos: » Invernaderos inteligentes APR »»» Invernadero Multitúnel (Capilla, Gótico, Asimétrico) »»» Invernadero Túnel »»» Invernadero Mallasombra »»» Invernadero Raspa y Amagado »»» Invernadero Nave Agrícola   » Agricultura Vertical (Innovation Hub) » Sistemas de Riego Inteligente » Sistemas de control climático » Complementos agronómicos » Tratamiento de aguas » Asesoramiento y formación técnica-agronómica ----------------------------------------------------------- NOVAGRIC NOVAGRIC (Novedades Agrícolas, S.A.) is an agribusiness group established in 1978 in the south of Spain. It began manufacturing and installing drip irrigation systems, gradually incorporating new business lines related to intensive production, becoming the absolute leader in integrated technology projects for high performance agriculture, as well as the Spanish company with greater international projection in its field. SMART AGRICULTURE For over 40 years the aim of NOVAGRIC has been to develop technologies and share knowledge to lead to a new integral, profitable and sustainable agriculture; a smart agriculture. We apply intelligence to a more rational use of resources with significant social and productive benefits. NOVAGRIC has specialists in all areas of agricultural innovation, manufacturing, production and training centers to offer pioneering solutions that increase the competitiveness of the sector in the market and contribute to a new healthy and environmentally friendly agriculture. TAKING THE LEAD, SETTING PRECEDENT NOVAGRIC is a global company headquartered in Spain. It has several delegations in Almeria and Murcia, and a delegation in Ciudad Real. It also has an extensive commercial network of subsidiaries and distributors all around the world. GROWING INNOVATION Since 1980 we have been researching and investing in R+D+i projects to generate innovative and sustainable solutions that boost productivity, guarantee a rational use of water, save energy and optimize resources both in the production of organic crops and in the integrated fight for zero residues, in order to promote a healthier agriculture that is committed to the environment. TURN-KEY PROJECTS We are one of the few companies to provide full service for intensive agriculture facilities, what makes everything easier for our customers since they only have to deal with one supplier for the entire project. In addition, we provide a technical-agronomic consulting and training service to ensure that you have all the knowledge needed to make the most of your smart facility. We develop custom made solutions adapted to different farm sizes, crops, climates as well as to grower’s needs, in order to find the best strategy to optimizes resources and increases profitability and production levels. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES In the Products section, you can find more information about greenhouses and other products: » APR Smart Greenhouses »»» Multi-span Greenhouse (Chapel, Gothic, Tropical) »»» Tunnel greenhouse »»» Nethouse Greenhouse »»» Raspa y Amagado Greenhouse »»» Warehouse Greenhouse » Vertical Farming (Innovation Hub) » Smart Irrigation Systems » Climate control systems » Agronomic supplies » Water treatments » Technical-agronomic training and support ---------------------- #SmartAgriculture #AgriculturaInteligente #Technology #Tecnologia