DCA-CF - Dynamic Controlled Atmosfere by using Fluorescense HarvestWatch Sensors


In 2003, Isolcell, always at the forefront in storage technologies introduced a revolution in fruit preservation systems: dynamically controlled atmosphere using HarvestWatch (r) fluorescence sensors. This technology is the only one on the market that attains the lowest possible oxygen level and therefore achieves a much higher storage quality, without incurring the risk of the product fermenting. It is a technology, which by using special sensors, makes it possible to dynamically control the atmosphere, adapting it to the physiological condition of the fruit and to the its biological activity over time. This method is based on measuring the chlorophyll fluorescence signal contained in the peel of the fruit, using special sensors that monitor a product sample in storage. Below a specific oxygen level, the fluorescence signal of the fruit clearly increases, showing that it has reached the LOL (Lower Oxygen Limit). This important information helps maintain the oxygen level inside the storage cells as low as possible to preserve the organoleptic properties of the fruit as they were when freshly picked and to avoid post-harvest anti-scald chemical treatments without the risk of the product fermenting. ADVANTAGES OF THE DCA-CF SYSTEM - Scald control without the post-harvest use of chemicals - Reduction of rotts - Greater consistency - Unparalleled freshness - Extended storage at the end of the storage cycle by reducing the respiration rate - Better organoleptic properties - Preservation of original color - Possibility of raising storage temperature
Year of product's market launch
ISOLCELL S.P.A.0157Isolcell - the brand of Controlled Atmosphere 1958, the year we were born. Within the context of the Italian economic revolution, fond of new ways of living and investing, we decided to develop the Controlled Atmosphere technology to storage apples and pears produced in large quantities over our territory, the most important fruit production area in Europe. Since then, our progress evolved following the market trends. From a small family business we have become a structured modern company. Today we are considered worldwide leaders in the industry of Modified and Controlled Generated Atmospheres. We have never stopped improving the traditional field of fruit and vegetables storage. ISOLCELL - nombre de la atmósfera controlada 1958, el año de nuestro nacimiento. En la Italia del boom, ávida de nuevos estilos de vida y de consumo, decidimos desarrollar la tecnología de la atmósfera controlada para conservar las manzanas y peras producidas en grandes cantidades en nuestro país: la zona frutícola más importante de Europa. Desde entonces, nuestra evolución ha continuado en línea con las tendencias del mercado. De una pequeña empresa familiar, nos convertimos en una empresa moderna. En la actualidad, somos considerados líderes mundiales en el campo de las atmósferas generadas modificadas y controladas. Nunca nos detuvimos en el sector tradicional de la conservación de frutas y verduras. ISOLCELL is a company from South Tyrol. This  FruitAttractionLiveConnect participation has been sponsored by IDM Südtirol Alto Adige.