Blueberry catalogue. 6 new varieties


Facing the growing worldwide demand for blueberries, Planasa is developing an ambitious varietal improvement programme to offer its customers the most competitive varieties on the market. As a result of our investment in R&D, we have launched a catalogue of varieties that are outstanding for their size, flavour and above all for having a shelf life of at least 24 days when cold. Planasa has selected six new varieties of early blueberries with excellent flavour and shelf life. - Plablue 1545 - Plablue 15122 - Plablue 1549 - Plablue 1502 - Plablue 1542 - Plablue 1525 This new blueberry programme allows us to also maintain with our producers the commitment to extend the season with a high level of productivity improving its profitability and market positioning.