Improving blemish grading to unexplored level in the industry GLOBALSCAN© 7 (G7) is an electronic sorting system using HD cameras which allow to analyze and grade all types of fruits such as citrus, apples, avocados, stone fruit or mangoes according to their external quality, color and morphology. The G7 benefits from a proven design guaranteeing lighting uniformity of the fruits and vegetables analyzed. From now on, the G7 is a multi-spectral system : its optical grading principle is enhanced with addition of information provided by visible spectrum and from those extracted from wavelengths in the infra-red. And thanks to a dimensional analysis, the G7 will also determine the diameter, length and shape of the product. VIOTEC 7, for optimal sorting of your citrus fruits With the VIOTEC 7 option, the G7 can benefit from a finer detection of external surface defects of citrus fruit (small wounds and surface damage), but also areas of rot, and specific defects for lemons, limes and grapefruits as spots on the epidermis due to Oleoscellosis.
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