AgriCoat NatureSeal is the leading company in extending shelf life of fresh produce. 

Our NatureSeal products are proprietary blends of vitamins and minerals for fresh cut fruits and vegetables and are used as processing aids to maintain colour and  texture, reduce water loss and  do not impart taste. NatureSeal products are allergen and sulphite free, Kosher and Halal. Co-developed with the USDA and conforms to UK and EU law. Can be permitted in Organic production. 

NatureSeal FS is a chlorine free wash based on organic acids and permitted in organic production. Effectively controls harmful bacteria and spoilage organisms and formulated from food grade ingredients. Accepted by the Soil Association as processing aid for organic produce. Odourless and tasteless, and leaves the product appearing fresh and natural. Can be disposed of into water systems with no adverse effect on the environment.

Semperfresh is a totally edible,  sucrose ester based coating that is tasteless, biodegradable and  environmentally friendly. It can be applied pre- and post- harvest to protect the produce against physiological and mechanical disorders. Semperfresh delays  ripening by creating a modified atmosphere within the fruit, slowing respiration.

Semperfresh is an edible coating delaying ripening and maintaining colour and fruit firmness of whole fruit. Reduces weight loss and shrivel during storage. Scuff marks are reduced on  top fruit and  reduces chilling injury in tropical and sub tropical fruits.  

Semperfresh is widely used in the fresh pear industry to reduce  bruising, weight loss and preserve green colour.  Fruit pressure  is maintained without delaying normal ripening processes for consumers.

Semperfresh is dispersed in water and may be applied as a simple dip or flume, drench or spray. 

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