Our Group is organized in two companies, the publishing house, Gemma Editco
Srl, and the marketing agency, Omnibus Srl, both based in Verona, strictly
connected both individually oriented to develop their own identity and projects.
Gemma Editco owns around 60% of Omnibus, while almost all the rest belongs to
the Bolognese company, SG Marketing. Gemma Editco deals with publications for
fruits and vegetables industry, FreshCut, organic food and fishing. In
particular Gemma Editco has been editing Corriere Ortofrutticolo, a monthly
magazine linked to a site and a daily newsletter, the weekly online magazine FreshCutNews , and the platform on organic products, GreenPlanet . Gemma Editco publishes also guides, directories and other products in English and Italian.  

Omnibus deals with marketing and communication. It organizes event, business mission abroad, incoming of foreign companies in Italy in specific production districts. It handles of press office. Since 2011 Omnibus has organized 30 business missions abroad, all over
the world. Each year Omnibus organizes two important events for the Group: the
itinerant event, Protagonisti dell’Ortofrutta Italiana, in January (the next
edition will take place on 22nd January 2021 in Bari) and The Rome Table, an international B2B Meeting (the next edition will take place on 21st and
22nd April 2021 in Rome). It also organizes and promotes events for third parties or takes on the secretariat of the same for other companies. Omnibus handles with the communication for different companies too. Finally it manages the Gemma Editco sales business.  

Together, Gemma Editco and Omnibusrepresent a rather unique mix of skills in Italy, in particular in relation to the fruit and vegetables market and not only, with an international
specialization that no other private references can offer at the same level in
Italy. Over the years the two companies have built partnerships with Fruitimprese, CSO Italy, Italia Ortofrutta Unione Nazionale, Confagricoltura, Italmercati, Fedagromercati, in addition developing information and services for single companies. Around 4.000 users read daily news by our site and we are developing more extended relationships through social media.    


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